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What We Offer

Rust Protection Treatment

Protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion. Yearly application of Rust Check product to all vulnerable areas. This service includes the Coat and Protect product application to the undercarriage.

Self-Serve Car Wash (coin operated & tap to pay)

8 Bay self-service car wash (coin operated & tap to pay). Vacuums and foaming brush also available. No buckets, sponges or car maintenance please. Open 7 days a week, closed Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

Power Shine

Shine & protect paint finish with power shine.

(please call to book)

Interior Shampoo

Upholstery and carpets professionally deep cleaned.

(please call to book)

Interior/Exterior Clean

Exterior wash and interior cleaning done by one of our professionals. Exterior and/or interior can be purchased separately or together. (please call to book)




1530 St.James Street

Winnipeg, MB

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